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It was dark and my pace quickened with anticipation as I made my way down the street towards the adult store. Le Sex Shoppe was a 24 hour adult video store and arcade. I had been there a few times before when I first moved into the area. It was incredibly close to my apartment, and walking there took a mere 15 minutes at most. The last time I was there, I took a peek at the adult arcades in the rear; and had had an experience that lit the fires of my already scorching curiosity. It had been a while since that episode, and my hunger had steadily grown to a voracious need. On this particular night, Ali was working the late shift at the theatre and wouldn’t be home until after midnight. My watch showed 9:15pm that left me at least 2 hours before having to be home and clean up. I increased my pace…

When I arrived, I decided to avoid the glaring pink and blue neon entrance to the store and instead make my way around through the alley to the darker rear entrance. The electronic bell signaled my entrance, and I was greeted by racks packed with various porno DVDs. Young, buxom women stared invitingly from plastic covers. Their legs spread, faces covered in cum, hungry mouths stuffed with thick cock. I could feel my need stir deep in my loins, and a warm, slow rush of blood warmed my cock and caused it to swell slightly.

I approached the counter and purchased 10 dollars worth of viewing credits for the arcades in back. Before choosing a booth, I stopped to take a look at what was showing. There were over 36 channels of pure hard-core porn ranging in tastes from hetero to gay to transsexual. I made a mental note of the channels that most interested me and turned to find a booth.

The arcade area of the shop was a dark and shadowy place. The electronic moans, muffled grunts, and heavy breathing of the video stars and starlets seemed to emanate from the very darkness itself. To my right and left were 10 booths about 20 or so altogether each with its own “occupied” light to signify whether someone was using it or not. Each booth also had a mirror placed just at the right height and angle to allow a passerby to see if someone was in the booth, and moreover, would allow security to observe whether or not there was any illegal sex play going on. I made my way to the rear booth, it was my favorite. Past the narrow corridor between and to the right just before the bathrooms and the emergency exit the booth allowed a more private area in which to enjoy the show. I noticed this time that it was occupied and decided to use its nearest neighbor instead. Unlike the booth I originally wanted and most favored, this booth had an adjacent booth that could look directly into the booth at which I was seated. At this particular time it was unoccupied. I sat down in the dark red, leather, l-shaped seat in front of the cheap television. I inserted my card and used 8 credits. The screen flashed to life. I adjusted the volume and searched for one of the channels I had marked earlier. Three hot young girls were servicing a thick stud. Two worked their lips on his large dick whilst the other rubbed her hot, pink pussy on his face. I watched this scene for a few minutes then randomly flipped through the channels. I stopped on a scene that piqued my interest. A young hairless man was sucking the cock of a hairy, biker guy in the locker room. I watched in rapt fascination. I felt my cock swell as the scene progressed; I was aroused as I imagined myself as the hot young guy servicing the thick meat of some stranger in a locker room. I kept watching. Slowly, I reached down and quietly unzipped my pants. The security was rather lax this evening and I had yet to see him checking booths. I produced my hard and engorged cock from my unzipped jeans and began to softly rub and stroke it as I watched the young man rim the biker guy on the screen.

I was pulled suddenly from my hot reverie by the sound of approaching footsteps. I hid my now fully hard cock under my shirt and switched the channels quickly. The footsteps grew nearer and as they did it occurred to me that they were coming to the booth adjacent to mine. A figure came into view. A tall black gentleman in his late 20’s with short hair, a t-shirt and jeans. He seated himself in the booth and inserted money into the slot. The screen flickered and he flipped quietly through the channels.

I contemplated finding another booth. The guy-guy scene had left me hot and ready, and I wanted to finish rubbing one out as the biker guy blew his thick, gooey load onto the face of the young hairless chap. I turned the volume down until it was almost inaudible. Thankfully, the booths didn’t allow anyone to see what you were viewing, so in that sense I was relieved. For I quickly flipped back to the guy scene I was watching previously. The young man had now mounted the biker guy as he lay back on the bench in the locker room. I watched as the camera zoomed in to show the man's thick, vascular member plow deep into the young guy’s tight, pink asshole. I imagined what it felt like, imagined how it would feel to have another man inside me, fucking my tight little hole as I rode him. My hand searched sneakily for my cock, still hidden beneath my shirt. I gripped it softly and could feel driblets of pre-cum on the tip. I looked over slowly to see if the gentleman opposite me had taken notice and I was startled to see that he had been watching me the whole time. My gaze met his and I stared blankly back at him like a deer in headlights. His face was handsome and rugged, like that of a Zulu warrior. Full black lips and a broad nose his eyes glittered in the shifting light of his screen. Without saying anything he nodded at me and I slowly produced my dick from under my shirt. He smiled at it and licked his lips. I stroked it slowly, squeezing it on the upstroke to produce a small bead of pre-cum at the tip. He liked this, and moved quickly to gobble it up, but I stopped him and hid my cock under my shirt again. He looked puzzled.

“Can we go somewhere less public to do this?” I asked quietly.

He looked around, then nodded and said, “Sure, my car’s parked out back meet me there in a few minutes.”

He then got up and left. I was anxious. I stuffed my erect member back into my pants and pulled my shirt down over it. I let the remaining credits on the machine run out then pulled my card and got up to leave. My mind was racing. “This is dangerous,” I thought, this guy could be the next Jeffrey Dahmer, or Ed Gein. What if he abducts me? What if he holds me at gun point and takes my money?”

These thoughts and more swam through my head, but my hunger was too great. All caution to the wind, I sped past the counter in the store and out the back door into the night.

He was standing by a black Volkswagen Jetta. He looked imposing and dangerous in the dim light of the streetlamp in back.

“There you are.” He said as I approached. “I thought you chickened out. Here, get in.” He opened the driver’s side door and got in the car. I heard the click of the passenger side lock and made my way around the vehicle and got inside. He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

“Hi, I’m George.” He said as he looked over his shoulder and backed out into the alleyway. I decided to play the anonymous role.

“My name is Alex.” I replied.

“What are you doing out here Alex?” he inquired.

“I was over at a friend’s party down the road. It was boring so I decided to take a walk; I passed by this place and figured, ‘why not’?” I lied, it astonished me how easy and natural it was. It was almost as though I really was this person. He fell for it, or at least, humored me.

“Boring party, huh?” he asked.

“Yeah, total snobs and all they were doing were watching TV.”

“That is pretty boring for a party. Aren’t your friends going to wonder where you went?”

“Not really, unless of course I never show up, then they’ll probably worry.” I said.

He raised an eyebrow, “How long you got?”

“I’d say no more than an hour or so.”

“Obviously you don’t have a place to go around here. You want to come back to my place?” he asked.

“Where is that?”

“It’s just up in Encino, in the hills.”

“Mmm…I better stay close to this place, let’s just go somewhere quiet and dark.”

We drove for a few minutes up into the hills. During the short trip we made small talk, all of which was bullshit on my part. I told him I was originally from Orange County and that I grew up near Disneyland. He was from Arizona, and had moved out here for a job as a record producer.

He made his way up a winding night-shadowed street and parked beneath tall pines. The only light was the soft white luminescence of a street lamp some fifty yards away.

“Show me your cock again.” He commanded.

I unzipped my pants and pulled it out for him to see. It was semi-hard so I jacked off a bit to fluff it up and get it hard again. He eyed me hungrily as I did so and proceeded to unbutton and pull down his pants. His massive, hard, black dick popped out as he pulled his jeans to his knees. I marveled at its size. It was a good 9 or 10 inches in length, cut, thick, vascular and with an elegant upward curve ending in a nicely shaped tip. I moved closer to him and we kissed. It was my first time kissing another man, but it felt natural. His skin was smooth and freshly shaven and his breath had the slight, sweet vanilla smell of warm milk. I was lost in his lips. So soft, I opened myself to his curious tongue and mouth. I let him kiss me. Our tongues glided softly in and out of each others mouth, I sucked on his lower lip, and cupped his face in my hand. I reached my hand down and felt his lovely manhood. It was hot and it flexed in response to my touch. I let my hand wander gently down its impressive length to the soft folds of flesh of his scrotum. He moaned as I cupped his balls in my hand, throwing his head back as I massaged his nuts. I knew exactly what I was doing, which surprised me. I touched him the way I liked to be touched, I touched him the way a woman touches me and he loved it. I leaned in closer and nibbled on his neck, kissing my way softly down to his collarbone. I lifted his shirt and kissed his dark, sculpted and hairless chest. I took my time, made my way languorously to his erect nipples. I teased them, pinched them softly with my free hand before taking them into my mouth. I had begun to stroke his cock with my hand, and I felt his pre-cum lubricate my grasp. He was pumping my hand slightly as I stroked, and he groaned as I sucked his nipples. I began to move down his hard stomach. He had a wonderfully well defined six-pack and spent a good amount of time there. I was worshipping his body. Lovingly singing praise to his dark masculinity with my kisses and my touch. I moved even further, down to his groin, and licked his balls softly. He quivered and shuddered at the delicate touch of my soft, moist tongue. It danced languidly along the wrinkles and I felt his scrotum tighten up. I slid it up the length of his shaft, letting it flicker on the tip, tasting the salty pre-cum. I gripped his shaft with both hands and slowly brought his cock into my hungry mouth. I gently closed my lips around the head and swirled my tongue along the crown. His body shuddered again as I slid the entirety of his engorged cock into my mouth. It was my first. I marveled at the sponginess of it, hard but slightly yielding at the same time. I wanted to give him my all, I wanted him to blow his load into my mouth, and I wanted to taste him. I fought back the urge to gag as I let all 9 inches of his manhood glide into the back of my throat. He let out a groan as the tip of his dick brushed lightly against my tonsils. I let it sit there for a moment; let him feel the luxuriant tenderness of my tongue and throat before sliding his cock slowly back out again. I repeated this motion a few times. Sliding his cock all the way in, and then sliding it all the way out again. His pelvis began to respond and he thrust into me as I went down and pulled back as I went up. I responded to his movements, increasing my speed with his until he was pumping my face with abandon. I gripped his shaft with one hand and stroked his cock while I sucked. He was lost in my mouth and the sensation it was giving. He shivered and moaned, cried out to the gods and pumped with more fervor as his pleasure mounted. I was sucking hard and fast as he fucked my face. I wanted the prize; I worked hard for his sweet cum. Stroking, licking, sucking he pumped harder and harder. I kept my throat relaxed, focused on moving in time with him, and kept fondling his balls with my free hand. He was getting closer, his breath came in pleading gasps, and he gripped the back of my head with his hand driving my mouth down on his cock. He was slamming my face, pounding my mouth like a fuck toy. I was his slut, his pleasure device; I reveled in my own objectification. I wanted it, I wanted his cum, and I wanted to feel him inside me. He cried out, his thrusting slowed but remained sharp and I responded by sucking him hard. His grip tightened on the back of my head and he pushed me down on him, slamming his cock deep into my throat. Three hard thrusts, I relaxed more and allowed the full length of his cock to plunge down my throat and he was gone. He let out a prolonged grunt as he shot streams of molten cum into my mouth. The taste was bitter on my tongue and I swallowed every drop that he had for me. He kept cumming, gallons of his thick, milky semen filled my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed to allow more of it to cum. I didn’t waste a single drop of his juice. His hand relaxed its grip and I cleaned his cock off with my tongue. I sat up in my seat.

“God damn!” he whispered.

“God damn that was the best head I think I’ve ever had! You sure you don’t want to come back to my place?” He asked breathlessly.

I pondered for a moment; the offer and idea were more than tempting.

“Hmm…what time is it?” I asked.

“Um, about 11 I think.” He said.

I let out a half-disappointed sigh.

“No, I better get back to the party.”

He looked disappointed.

“Believe me, I really would like to feel that monster cock of yours in my ass right now, but I’ve got to get back. Give me your number, we can continue this again later perhaps?” I suggested.

He wrote his number on a business card and handed it to me then pulled his pants back up and started the car. I had him drop me off at the shop. I bid him farewell and made my way into the night. I stopped at the bar next to the shop and washed my face and rinsed my mouth out then walked back home. The apartment was silent; I stripped, and took a shower. I replayed the events in my mind as the hot water run down my naked body. My cock was hard thinking about it and I was still unsatisfied. I lay back on the floor of the shower, licked my fingers and shoved them in my ass as I stroked off. Within seconds I had blown my load. Copious amounts of sticky cum squirted on my belly and I simply stood and rinsed them off. After my shower I brushed my teeth and put on some sweatpants. Ali would be home soon. I turned on the television and waited for her. I wondered when I would be able to call him and meet up. I was hoping sooner than later. Though at the same time I knew, that Le Sex Shoppe was great for picking up strangers, and that this wasn’t going to be the last time I found myself cruising the dark arcade for another quick fuck or suck job…


5:35 p.m. - 2004-06-03


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